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a selection of our wendy houses
a selection of our wendy houses


You invest in a wendy house, or even a large wooden home, and then have to move. If you leave it behind that investment is being handed on to the next owner, and is compounded if you then have to put a new structure in the changed location.

If your building is in good condition, and has many years of use left in it why not let us relocate it for you?

That is the beauty of not having fixed foundations, your building can be dismantled piece by piece, safely transported to the new site, and then reassembled.

And its not just wendy houses and garden sheds that can be relocated

We recently relocated a large wooden house from Hermanus to Hout Bay (see top images). The whole house was taken down, stored in our yard and then transported to the new site. We then reassembled it so that it looked like it had always been there.

Why not contact us and see if we can move your wooden framed structure for you?

a selection of our wendy houses
a selection of our wendy houses

home improvements

This started out like most things as a once in a while thing. We would build a unit for someone and they would ask us if our skilled artisans could do some other improvement to their property.

And why not? We have a fully trained, qualified, team of skilled artisans. They get bored if we don't keep them busy so why not let them tackle your home improvement projects.

We have plumbers, electricians, plasters, painters, general builders, and more, and can tackle any job inside or out, big or small.

Whether you need an extension, a bathroom refurb, decking, or anything else we would be happy to give you an obligation free quote. And you could rest assured that we would bring the same dedication to excellence and service that we apply to all our projects.