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a selection of our wendy houses
a selection of our wendy houses

what is nutec?

Nutec is a tradename for man-made cement fiber boards. The boards are perfectly designed for use in wet areas. Even before any surface treatments are applied they are water resistent, and they can be painted like any other cement surface. Our Nutec boards comply to all relevant SABS requirements.

Nutec is also resistent to rot and is particularly disliked by rodents, who do not like to gnaw on the rough surface.

In Wendy House, garden shed, play house, dog kennel and other such construction Nutec is used instead of traditional wooden cladding. It can be applied in two ways, either as flat panels or mimicking the overlapping boards of a traditional wendy house. Nutec is even available with a wood-grain pattern imprinted onto it.

Our Nutec wendy houses are still built on a wooden frame, which is treated so that it is as durable as the cladding that will go on it. We also offer the option of using Nutec on the flooring to improve the durability of your building.

Nutec is more expensive than traditional pine cladding, however, its longevity and low maintenance make it a great long term investment

If you don't need the traditional wooden look on your building, and are willing to invest, Nutec is the perfect material for your wendy house, garden shed, dog kennel, play house, guard hut, or other outdoor building.

Not sure you are going to be staying at your current location long enough to need such longevity?

We offer an expert relocation service for all sizes of wooden structures- from garden sheds up to multi-story homes, so simply take your building with you when you move.

Nutec's waterproof qualities also make it ideal as a bathroom wall material, creating a great surface on which to apply tiles.

Our preferred roofing material is corregated zinc sheeting- it is long lasting, and perfect for the South African climate. We are also happy to accommodate any option that the client specifies.

In traditional wendy houses, window frames are usually wooden, however, we can fit aluminium frames if required.

Want something more than an empty shell of a building?

Our team of skilled artisans includes qualified plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters, and plasters, making it a breeze for us to turn your wendy house into a cosy, homely, living space to meet all your needs. Why struggle with multiple contractors, all passing the blame to each other, our one stop approach will make life so much easier for you.

All our wendy houses come with lockable doors as standard.

Our typical completion time for Nutec buildings is 1 - 6 days, dependent on the scale and complexity of an individual project.

a selection of our wendy houses
a selection of our wendy houses

payment options

A wendy house is an investment, and we understand that not every budget can stretch to paying for one in full at the time of construction. For this reason we work with a reputable financial institutions to offer flexible solutions to all South Africans. In order for us to start the process of applying for your home loan we simply require:

  • last 3 months bank statements
  • certified copy of your id
  • latest pay slip

If you do not require financing we typically require a 60% deposit, with the balance due on completion, however, this is on a project by project basis, and we will discuss the exact details with during initial consultations. All financial implications are discussed prior to commencing any work, and agreed by both parties.